Fibreglass set to "Lock In" Incremental Sales

Mar 05, 2012
Cologne 2012 sees the European retail launch of Werner’s fibreglass stepladder range with its unique Lock-In System TM.   Fibreglass is a growing opportunity and the acknowledged world leader in ladders claims that the combination of this material and a customisable ladder accessory system will provide European hardware retailers with a significant opportunity for incremental sales.

Explains Chris Filardi, VP of Marketing at Werner, “It’s no overstatement to say that this range can revolutionise the retail market for ladders and we have demonstrated this in markets around the world.  We are excited about offering the European consumer new and innovative options in the ladder category.  Users are ready for a premium range that offers additional durability, safety and functionality as a compliment to the existing aluminium products currently available.  Fibreglass is currently an under-utilised material for access equipment in Europe.  To encourage trial, Werner has enhanced these products with a new Lock-In Accessory System providing our retail partners with a breakthrough opportunity. “

From a user perspective, fibreglass offers enormous benefits in terms of health and safety, particularly for jobs where electricity is involved because of its non-conductivity.   For the retailer, the potential for marketing ladders in different colours with a step-up strategy improves the selection process and provides a wider range of sales opportunities.

With this new range Werner products, the sales potential is further augmented by the integration of the Lock-In System TM with customisable accessories.   To suit the needs of the individual user, accessories can be added to the ladder top for anything from power and hand tools to painting and decorating equipment – including the paint!  From extending the work surface at the top of the ladder to holding materials, organising hoses or cables and keeping tools safely to hand, this innovative system reduces the trips required up and down the ladder and considerably enhances user convenience and safety, providing the retailer with extensive point of difference.

Chris Filardi concludes, “This level of product innovation which includes pyramid ladders, twin climb, access towers and combination ladders, is the result of extensive market research and incorporation of a proven manufacturing process that spans over 60 years where Werner manages from design and production to testing and distribution.  Working with European retail partners, Werner can not only offer ready to market new ranges like this one, we can also apply our skills to customized innovations for our partners and meet the needs of a particular territory.”

The Werner fibreglass stepladder range with unique Lock-In System TM is available in distinctive, consumer-facing packaging and includes the company’s innovative ladder selector to guide the end user in their purchase.  The range includes easy-to-operate, slip-resistant swingback and platform stepladders in reach heights from two to 4.5 metres.