WernerCo Conducts 75 Jobsite Safety Training Events Reaching 5,600 End Users

Jun 29, 2015
WernerCo conducted 75 training events during OSHA Safety Stand Down Calendar

Fatalities caused by falls account for more than 1/3 of all construction deaths and many of these can be prevented with proper training and education. To help limit falls in construction, the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) hosts an annual National Safety Stand-Down campaign that focuses on the top 10 most frequently cited OSHA violations in order to prevent accidents such as falls from ladders or structural steel.

To support this safety initiative, WernerCo, the world leader in ladders and manufacturer of a complete line of climbing products and fall protection equipment, conducted seventy-five trainings during the eleven-day period. From May 4 – 15, 2015 WernerCo targeted commercial and residential construction contractors as well as safety professionals. More than 5,000 end users were trained in jobsite safety over the course of this campaign.

These events were conducted by the WernerCo End User Specialist (EUS) team, consisting of 28 safety professionals throughout North America. These individuals spend their time in the field, bringing their classes wherever the end user works. Each member of the WernerCo team is engaged in continuous on-site training simulations, which include everything from basic ladder safety training to maintenance inspections and troubleshooting for van equipment. The EUS team takes this real world and timely training directly to jobsites and offers companies a range of services from 10-minute safety inspections before work to multiple-day jobsite competent person courses.

During the month of May, the WernerCo team was able to engage with crews from all over the country, from Washington State to Florida. Each event focused on safety responses based on real-life scenarios. Participants were trained on basic safety by application and how to respond when a potential issue strikes. WernerCo sees a successful training as one in which participants can apply the experience to their existing safety programs. From one-on-one trainings to large-scale seminars, the team was able to reinforce OSHA’s message and the importance of keeping people safe on the jobsite.

OSHA Training

“Last Fall, I took the two day Fall Protection class offered by Werner. I can tell you it was not like your everyday safety class. It was very active, pertained to what workers and safety people face on a day-to-day basis. Dan Ward presented the training materials to the group that was easy to understand and retain. I was able to take the content of that class and apply it to our existing safety programs. The demonstration portion of the class was priceless.”

T.  King, Continental Electric

“In my profession and the company that I work for we pride ourselves in training. We receive and perform a large amount of training. I have been to many fall protection classes; I’ll say this class was the absolute best fall protection training I have ever attended. Dan is an outstanding trainer, he is very passionate about keeping people safe and it shows in his training. Please keep me on the list for any further safety or environmental training.”

O. Hamblin, Safety Director, Tyson Foods

Importance of Training at WernerCo

Safety and training are at the cornerstone of WernerCo and the product development process. The company’s formalized training program began when businesses started to consolidate and create in-house safety administrators. WernerCo has trained and applied new regulations, codes and testing metrics to provide a best-in-class training model. To manage growth and ensure consistent, relevant safety training, WernerCo has developed a complete program from printed and online materials, available in multiple languages, to onsite activities. WernerCo and the End User Specialist Team are committed year-round to creating safer jobsites throughout North America.

“Thanks again for helping coordinate the fall protection training for today! It was a great way to get the information to the guys in a very real way. Our guy from Werner was exceptional with his presentation and I want to thank them for being willing to do such a wonderful hands on presentation, truly top notch.”

D. Garner, Production Manager, Heritage Roofing

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your assistance with making the National Institutes of Health’s Office of Research Facilities (ORF) Safety Stand-Down Day 2015 a great success. The information and opportunities presented to our employees was enlightening and fun. Again, thank you for your hard work and dedication to safety.”

D. Newcomer, National Institute of Health

The categories and services provided by the Werner training team include:

  • Ladders
    • Basic training safety
    • Safety inspections
    • New product introductions/samples
  • Fall protection
    • Basic safety training
    • Harness adjustment training
    • Equipment safety inspections
    • Coordination of Competent Person training
    • New product introductions/samples
  • Jobsite equipment
    • Field repair troubleshooting
    • Safety/maintenance inspections
    • New product introductions/samples
  • Truck equipment
    • Field repair troubleshooting
    • Safety/maintenance inspections
    • New product introductions/samples
  • Van equipment
    • Online van package design tool assistance
    • Field repair troubleshooting
    • Safety/maintenance inspections
    • New product introductions/samples

If an end-user or business is interested in enlisting the services of the WernerCo End User Specialists, send an email to WernerCo also offers online training for those that are not able to participate in person. For more information, visit